Wearable Scale Mail

Made from light aluminum scales and either smooth cotton for comfort and warmth, or nylon cord for durability (mildew resistant, will not rot, a breaking strain of approximately 40kg)


Custom sizes can be done on request.

Care instructions:

Cotton: Hand wash in warm water only.

Nylon: Hand wash only, be sure to dry out well.


Please contact me for sizing, pattern and cord colour details.


Processing times depends on what I have in stock, and how long it may take for me to get more. If you need a commission done faster please message me so we can work something out!

Flowers - $8.50 - $15
Gloves - $60+
Custom Pricing is based on time taken  - for a rough estimate I use $8 per cm for basic yarn, $10 for premium yarn and nylon cord.


colour options
Scale Hand flower
Scale Glove
Durable Scale Glove
Scale flower braclet
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