Treatz for Geekz is a little shop aiming to provide textile based gaming and pop culture accessories, along with Ari's Artwork who provides knitt scale maille and artwork.


Based in Brisbane, Treatz for Geekz is currently an online only store. We try to go to local conventions when we can!

Where we Began

The idea for Treatz for Geekz began with our first D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) group “Randomly Signing Renegades”. As a gift for our group with the encouragement of our sister Stevie we combined our talents to produce matching dice bags for our group with a hand-embroidered emblem. The emblem - designed by Ari, and the bags and embroidery produced by Hayley, came together nicely and was fun to design and produce. After many friends and those in the group suggesting we should make them for others to - we said ‘why not try’ and Treatz for Geekz was born with the goal to provide accessories for our fellow gamers and geeks alike.


Ari’s Artwork began with custom charcoal pet portrait commissions for my fellow pet lovers, and expanded after Treatz for Geekz began. I expanded my options by experimenting with art or crafty things interesting to me, which is how I started on scale mail! Ari’s Artwork is now a specific store for artwork and knit scale mail, with Treatz for Geekz as our overall public face for conventions.

The Creators

Ari Elkenhans


I started of with art presents for family - a pencil shark for my brother, concept art for my friends… then a charcoal portrait of my Grandparents old dog. It went so well I was encouraged to sell them as commissions. Later, after Treatz for Geekz went from a maybe to a definitely I created our graphics, and watercolour artwork to sell. More recently I began creating scale mail items (because dragon scale is cool okay), starting with dice bags, and branching into gloves - with potential for more.


I’m probably the biggest dragon fan I know, and I’m also a fan of games like Pokemon, Zelda, Persona, as well as tabletop and card games. I’m a pretty big anime and cartoon fan - particularly One Piece, Avatar and Fullmetal Alchemist. I grew up on Science Fiction and Fantasy, I love Lord of the Rings, and Picard will always be my favourite captain (though Babylon 5 is my overall favourite). I’m also pretty much always reading something - quite frequently a Tamora Pierce book.

Hayley Phoenix


I have always had an interest in textiles and sewing since early childhood, having had some much loved clothes made for me by my mother. While it was only a small interest and didn’t really develop until much later into the love for sewing I have now. For the most part I am self taught with some vague memories of sewing in Home Economics in High School and tips from my mother.

As such I started off with small items for myself such  as bags and clothing items, later also making items for cosplay outfits (Such as Belles blue peasant dress) and small plush toys as presents for family (Some little minky pigs for my grandparents).

Officially I have taken some courses in textiles and design as part of a Bachelor of Education majoring in Home Economics which provided a wider base for my skills and a place to practice with access to a large range of tools with guidance from my lecturers.


Outside of sewing as mentioned in our origins I enjoy various forms of gaming - table top, TCG and console - with a love of pop culture including but not limited to, reading (Rangers Apprentice & Anne Mccaffrey’s novels), manga & anime (One Piece ^_^), tv shows (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Grimm, etc).

I also have a love of animals, Cats being my favorite, however my husband and I have our flock of feathered fluffies (some of whom are rescues) consisting of 10 Cockatiels, 7 Budgerigars and a Rock Dove. Some of the cockatiels enjoy assisting me with my sewing by keeping me company and removing pins from fabric.